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Anna Stichbury

Anna Stichbury was born in Wellington in 1974.  Still based in Wellington, Anna paints full-time from her home studio, with strong family links to Marlborough. Anna’s contemporary mixed-media paintings are bold and feature intense hues and rich surfaces. Anna has had solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia and her work is held in private and corporate collections in New Zealand and as far afield as New York, France and the United Kingdom.

Brian Baxter

Brian Baxter has, over the last 40 odd years, established himself as one of New Zealand’s most sought after artists in the field of landscape, still life, flower and portrait studies. Brian has exhibited in all NZ main centres as well as in Adelaide and Washington DC.

Bonnie Coad

Born in 1974 in England, Bonnie travelled to New Zealand to live in 1978 where she grew up on the West Coast of the South Island. She now lives in Marlborough, in the Onamalutu Valley.  Her practice involves the incorporation of vintage and retro sewing patterns and old embroidery templates as well as her own handmade collage papers into her mixed media art works. Texture, Bright colours, graphic text, humour and a strong comic thread are repeating themes within her body of work

Bruce Fergus

I am a Dunedin-born artist who has been living near Blenheim since 2003. The move northward involved both a geographic and a paradigm shift – from a business teaching career in Dunedin to a full-time creative wood artist in Marlborough. My medium is primarily wood but the inclusion of other materials adds extra dimensions to my pieces. My range of works includes freestanding sculptural pieces (for both indoor and outdoor settings), woodturnings, furniture and innovative wall pieces.

Carolyn Pillans

Carolyn first started working in Ceramics in 1988. In 1994 she discovered the thrill of working with glass and this soon became her passion and still is today. Carolyn has participated in courses overseas and in New Zealand learning the art of glass, the ups and downs plus all the challenges in between that comes with this medium. Examples: fusing, slumping, casting, pate de verre and bead making. She has designed and developed formulas that make her one-off pieces of art exclusively unique whether they be plates, vases, bowls or pictures etc.

Clarry Neame

Clarry is an impressionist oil painter, using both the brush and palette knife. Whatever the subject be it land, water, sky, people, gardens or flowers, Clarry loves to create. He pursues a form of pointillism in his approach to convey a feeling of excitement and visual stimulation. Colour, light, composition and texture are used to create with freedom and passion in a semi-abstract way.

Colin Wynn

Colin Wynn is one of New Zealand’s leading sea and landscape artists. Wynn was born in Wellington in 1950, it was while at high school that his artistic talent was discovered. Wynn began painting professionally in the early 1970s and in 1972 moved to the small West Coast town of Reefton to be near the dramatic coast and mountain country he enjoys painting.

Gerard Verkaaik 

FUSIONART is an elegant blend of stone, steel, brass, glass or wood creatively melded into unique pieces of sculpture, sometimes in association with other artisans. Using Oamaru stone as the core element, I create a wide range of sculpture in both traditional and conceptual styles for both indoor and outdoor sites. Artist in Residence

Glen Waters

The dream of doing her ceramic work, back home in New Zealand is now a reality, with the building of a new studio recently, surrounded by the hills of home, and looking out over the vineyards and valleys of Marlborough. Glen’s discovery and love of working in clay, began over 20 yrs ago, in Atlanta, USA. She spent 3 years attending the Callanwolde Arts Centre, studying the ancient way of making pottery, using the slow process of hand-building.

Ian Hamlin

I exhibit in galleries throughout New Zealand and in the UK, USA and Australia and my work is held in collections worldwide. I’m an artist Life member of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts for which I served four years as President. Although predominantly an oil painter I also work in pastel and watercolour. My paintings are known for their attention to detail whether in panoramic view or intimate study, the effect of light and atmosphere are my major focus.

Jacqueline Hocquard

Jacqueline’s art is inspired by her love of the natural world. Based in Blenheim, the artist started this journey in Carterton in 2013, and the wildlife of the region has provided the ideal subjects for her skills. Her work has found it’s way to Ireland, England, Europe and Australia, and exhibited in London and Cannes early 2019.

Joanna Dudson-Scott

Owner of Dudson Scott Gallery, Joanna describes her painting and creative process. I have always constructed landscapes in my mind, from all the actual landscapes that I know. The mountains, rivers and plains are key elements, but it is the spaces between – the passes, valleys and pathways, that capture my imagination, as if they represent passages in life. Through my paintings my intention is to evoke a sense of place, to combine intuitive impulse with reasoned strategies and through my personal approach establish a kinship with the landscape.

Kaja Jungersen

My work is informed by my whakapapa – Danish, Kai Tahu, Kati Mamoe, Waitaha and Irish descent – and my life experiences in Aotearoa, overseas and Te Ao Māori. Some of my work has evolved from planting and regenerating te ngahere, the bush, here in Rarangi. Surface texture is important to me and I have been exploring the world of surface colouring, decoration and patterns – whakairo, tāniko and tukutuku. My works have submitted to the Marlborough Community Potter’s exhibitions in 2018, 2019 and the Marlborough Arts Society Exhibition in 2019.

Karen Rankin Neal

Karen’s passion for wildlife and nature shines through in her artwork, producing highly detailed wildlife studies in two very different mediums, Scratchboard and Pastel. Combining her artwork with a love of photography, she enjoys visiting predator-free islands and bird sanctuaries, and often spends many hours capturing the essence of New Zealand’s wonderful native birds.  Through her artwork, Karen supports several conservation groups including those who are working tirelessly to ‘bring back the birds’ to New Zealand. She has won awards nationally for both Scratchboard & Pastel and exhibits internationally. Karen was juried in as a Master Scratchboard Artist (MSA) with the International Society of Scratchboard Artists in 2014, and awarded an honorary membership of Pastel Artists of NZ (APANZ).

Kevin Judd

Alongside winemaking (Kevin established his own label, Greywacke, in 2009), Kevin has developed a parallel career in photography. For over two decades his evocative images have appeared in countless publications worldwide. His first book was the The Colour of Wine, a photographic essay on the vineyards of Marlborough. His second book The Landscape of New Zealand Wine is one of the most impressive collections of New Zealand wine landscape images ever assembled and an eloquent portrayal of a unique and varied landscape that produces some of the finest wine in the world.

Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson is Blenheim, NZ, born and bred. She has always loved the natural beauty of the region – enjoying tramping and photography. With an interest in all arts and crafts, she has experimented with many artistic pursuits, turning a hobby to commercial success through teaching porcelain doll making (1980-89). Not content with one artistic focus, Liz has also created oil paintings of Marlborough scenes and her favourite faces.

Liz Downey & Craig Powell – Weka Gallery

Liz & Craig both pride themselves that each piece made is a unique work we hand produce all their wares using a lot of different techniques such as throwing, manipulation of slab and thrown ware, sprigging, scrafitto, slipping and slip trailing. All the earthenware clay used is dug from source and processed by Craig. The resulting high-fired body can withstand the rigors of the harshest of climates. The porcelain used is a locally sourced product.

Liz Kempthorne

Very early on I knew the painting for me, was not about putting a photographic image on a canvas, but rather about a painting’s ability to communicate an emotion or a feeling. Also that inspiration came from other stimuli than, as well as, the surrounding landscape – its forms and brilliant intense colours absorbed consciously and unconsciously.

Mieke Davis

Mieke is an artist and Catholic youth minister based in Marlborough, New Zealand. In 2004 she graduated from NMIT in Nelson, with a Bachelor of Visual Arts.  Her preferred area of work lies in portraiture, with oil paint, but conceptual landscape works, murals and other media are also part of her portfolio. she has been drawing and painting people since she can remember, and loves the challenge of capturing the personality of each subject she works with.

Molly Murphy

Molly is a writer and artist based in Marlborough. Molly was raised in the soulful and creative city of New Orleans. She now lives in the magical land of New Zealand with her family, dog, cat, and chickens. Molly enjoys drawing, painting, writing poetry and fantasy/ magical realism for middle grade and YA readers. When she’s not creating, she works as a clinical psychologist.

Olaf Mengeringhausen 

Olaf Mengeringhausen’ s work encompasses sculptures and paintings with an intensive range of subject matter and styles. Mengeringhausen’ s sculptures are drawn from the contemporary life and history of Europe and of New Zealand. His sculptures often create an ongoing and powerful relationship between the work, the viewer and the space they encompass. Aesthetic and humor are defining characteristics of Mengeringhausen’ s work.

Pam Sowerby

Pottery was my first interest in the arts, attending night classes in the early 70’s.  With a young family in the early 80’s, weaving became my focus. Following retirement in Marlborough, I became interested in floral art and painting. I enjoy the challenge of a diverse range of styles from impressionism to abstracts, frequently including local coastlines or flowers. I have exhibited regularly in Marlborough over the past 15 yrs including in the Peters Doig Marlborough Art Awards.

Peter Stubbs

My interest in art is lifelong and my journey as an artist has been mentored by Randall Froude. He is an outstanding southern landscape painter who was for many years based in Kimbell. I am inspired by many things, both the natural world and the world of imagination.

Prue Matthews

Multi-award winning artist, Prue Matthews, portrays realism in a variety of mediums. A member of the Pastel Artists of New Zealand she is also a Life Member of the Marlborough Art Society.  A published writer, illustrator and historian, her dedication was recognized in 2015 when she was awarded the QSM for services to Heritage Preservation.  At present her art work, including miniature oil paintings, is also available at the increasingly popular Return to Eden Art Gallery.  Prue can be contacted at

Rose Rudd

An award-winning artist, Rose was born and bred in Marlborough.  She has a fond connection with the Marlborough Sounds and her latest abstract works in oils and cold wax (this is not encaustic) are inspired by the brilliance of the Sound’s colours and light. Rose’s painting style is instinctive and bold leaning more towards impressionism and abstract.

Sarah Higgins

Sarah was born in Picton and grew up farming in Canvastown. Sarah is inspired by local nature, floral works and the human figure. Drawing is a first love and now combined with watercolour, is a current favourite medium. Sarah has exhibited paintings at the Marlborough Art Society and also supplies Cherubs Childrenswear and has her work at the Return to Eden Gallery.

Sudhir Duppati

Sudhir Duppati, who teaches Art and Design at Marlborough Boys’ College, was born and educated in India. He has worked in various art schools and institutions in India, Africa, the United States and New Zealand, and along the way has taken up several international artist residencies in India, Budapest and Paris. Sudhir is also the president of the Marlborough Art Society.

Tui Johnson

Having now worked as a commercial artist for over twelve years, Tui has developed a unique style in vector graphics. Combining traditional media with digital practice, she works closely with her clients to communicate their message visually. Self expression through creativity continues from her home base in Marlborough, where she continues to view the computer as ‘just another paintbrush’ in the tool kit, and believes the best ideas come about through old fashioned pen-to-paper.

Val Griffith Jones

I have totally loved making these paintings. Painting is a true adventure. There is purpose, risk,(although not life threatening) challenge, planning and often joy. I paint outdoors. I have a number of sites I return to, as does David Hockney, a hero of mine. At French Pass, I see beauty, big spaces, wide sky’s, and I remember the excitement of sailing through the pass. At the top of Port Underwood hill, I see an inviting harbour, scoured hill sides, a happy/sad, beautiful/ugly place. On the north side of the harbour the words Primary Industry/Forest Block came to mind and coloured the pictures. The bush has gone, the remnants of forestry not too pretty. Don and I drove a very long way in Australia. The happy days were those when I could paint, a harsh, alien landscape of huge spaces and wonderful colour.

Walter Scott

In my early photographic days back in the 1950’s, I learned the value of the effect of light on shape, texture, shadow and patterns which are the basis of mood and message of any painting. I also learnt to develop the “seeing eye.” If I cannot see the finished painting, I do not paint it. Today, I work in both pastels and oils, using the palette knife.  There must be interaction between the subject and the artist and this must translate into interaction between the painting and the viewer.


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